Unless you start your baby off in an All-in-One Car Seat, you are going to need to “upgrade” along the way and switch to a different seat as your child grows and matures.  Yes, this means you will need to invest something new periodically to keep your kid in a seat that fits them properly. However, most

“Time to load up!” I call to my kids whenever we are heading out to go to town. And of course, with that, I know that it also means that it’s also time to do a vehicle and car seat check. These extra steps only take a few minutes, but it’s our little ritual to make

Have you ever thought much about the expiration date on your child’s car seat? Most people don’t, but you should. All car seats have them and for good reason.An expired car seat has seen too many years to be considered safe and manufacturer’s are not only required by law to include them, but they expect

When it comes to car seat usage, sometimes you may encounter some common problems or wonder how best to solve a particular issue. In this guide, I seek to help you find the answers to tricky situations and help you find the right seat for your child and your vehicle. Sometimes just knowing what to look for